Targeting Business Opportunities at Young International Travellers

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With youth travellers having been identified as one of the fastest growing segments within the international travel market, developing experiences and opportunities to attract the rising number of young travellers visiting the wider Loch Lomond destination is an important factor in business growth.

So much so that a tailored Youth Travel Toolkit has been created to enable tourism businesses to quickly and easily understand this audience, what they expect from their travel experiences and ultimately how businesses can enhance their services or products to effectively reach the rapidly growing youth travel market.

The Toolkit

Within the handy toolkit guide, opportunities have been identified that are set to attract the international youth traveller and provide food for thought for businesses on how to add new youth friendly experiences specifically around food and drink, festivals and events, eco-tourism and outdoor adventures.

The toolkit sections provide key information in straightforward and manageable segments.

The Contents At A Glance

Take advantage of this FREE resource and click on each heading below for full details.

1. The Youth Travel Market: Facts & Figures

Delve into the key insights of youth travellers, their expectations and motivations for travel and the size of the global youth travel market.

2. Who is the Youth Traveller?

Find out more about their ages and demographics and who youth travellers really are.

3. Youth Travel Activities

Understand which activities will attract young travellers and how they mix travel ambitions with study, work, volunteering and adventure.

4. Scotland, Glasgow and the Loch Lomond Area

Insights into the number of youth travel visits to the region and what young travellers can bring to the local economy.

5. Youth Travellers and Technology

For the 24-7 connected generation, technology is an intrinsic part of their travel experiences from searching, looking then booking and sharing their travel experiences online.

6. Business Opportunities and How to Make the Most of Them

Hints and tips on innovative ways to develop a business strategy to engage with the youth market.

7. Useful Resources and Contacts

A full list of helpful contacts and resources to support the development of a youth travel business strategy.  

Check out the full Youth Travel and Sense of Place toolkits.