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Youth Travel Toolkit Introduction

Understanding the Youth Traveller

According to BETA UK, youth travel has become one of the fastest growing segments of international tourism, representing more than 23% of the over one billion tourists travelling internationally each year. This growth represents tremendous socioeconomic opportunities for local communities as youth travellers stimulate local tourism businesses, foster closer social interaction with host populations and champion environmental protection.

Young people, recognised by the United Nations as a major force for development and social change, have the potential to drive sustainable development in the tourism sector. Youth travellers are looking for many of the same authentic experiences as other visitors. However, research suggests a fundamental change is required in the way we do business with them if we are to make the most of the opportunities the youth travel market presents.

Background to the Toolkit

The youth travel market is growing and is set to dominate future travel. This business toolkit has been developed based on recent research findings (2017-2018), commissioned by Love Loch Lomond as part of the Collaborating for Success project, funded by Scottish Enterprise.

Interface, the Knowledge Connection for Business, matched Love Loch Lomond with expertise from Marketing Works at the University of Strathclyde, where two groups of international post-graduate marketing students worked on a research project over a period of 6 months. Read more about the research project and findings here. The findings have been combined with other industry statistics and current trends on youth travel.

Business Opportunities & Ways to Engage

The toolkit aims to build a profile of the youth traveller, and based on the research findings, offers ideas and inspiration on how to better understand what youth travellers are looking for in terms of the Loch Lomond area and within the context of Scotland.

You'll also find recommendations for business opportunities and how to make the most of them, with local examples to inspire, plus tips for how to create and develop authentic experiences and how to tap into current trends. 

Each section contains plenty of links to downloads, further links and more business examples for inspiration.

Toolkit Sections

  1. The Youth Travel Market: Facts & Figures
  2. Who is the Youth Traveller?
  3. Youth Travel Activities
  4. Scotland, Glasgow and the Loch Lomond Area
  5. Youth Travellers and Technology
  6. Business Opportunities and How to Make the Most of Them
  7. Useful Resources and Contacts

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