A Culture Strategy for Scotland Consultation

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After a recent public consultation exercise on a draft Culture Strategy for Scotland, The Scottish Government has now published an analysis report outlining the findings.

The key themes report summarises the main elements to emerge from the consultation process.

The vision, ambitions and actions have been identified as follows:


  • Culture in Scotland is innovative, inclusive and open to the wider world.
  • Cultural excellence - past, present and emerging - is celebrated and is fundamental to future prosperity and wellbeing.
  • Culture's empowering and transformative power is experienced by everyone.


  • Transforming through culture: Recognising that culture and creativity are central to Scotland's cultural, social and economic prosperity.
  • Empowering through culture: Opening up and extending culture so that it is of and for every community and everyone.
  • Sustaining and nurturing culture to flourish and to evolve as a diverse, positive force in society, across all of Scotland.


The actions and way ahead look in further detail at the power of culture in communities, the importance of an inclusive approach to developing the strategy, the pivotal role education plays in nurturing culture in Scotland’s youth as well as how culture is funded and its importance to our heritage.

Read the Reports

Summary Analysis Report is available HERE

Full Report is available HERE

The Scottish Government is currently reflecting on the rich material that has been generated from the findings and is considering how these views will shape the content of the final strategy.

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